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Imagine the Mediterranean sun warming your face as you sip the last bit of steamed foam off your caffe macchiato. You know this city well, or at least you feel as if you do after today. The waiter comes over & your companion responds in perfect Italian that we'll take the conto, while you smile at being treated like a local. With her guidance, you've been following the footsteps of Romantic poets, contemplating changing architecture, visiting studios of local artists, skipping lines & avoiding red tape. Smiling as you follow her down an empty cobblestone street, you wonder how it's possible to feel so at ease in a foreign city. This is Clam Tours & we are NOT tour guides! We are Renaissance women & men who want to inspire you to think about a new alternative - not only as a traveler, but as a way of life - and to help you live your every Italian reverie authentically. 

Download a list of our favorite cafes where you can write & relax while in Italy ~

Discover insider tips & city secrets while learning about interesting characters from Roman history & beyond!

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Restaurant Bookings


You want to eat where the locals eat, but aren't able to get reservations at the hottest tables in town? We're able to get you in where you want to be.

Always On Call


You love AirBnB but miss having a concierge on call 24/7 - We're here to answer your questions and help out in a pinch whenever you need us!

Neighborhood Suggestions


You've picked your city, but need our local knowledge to understand which neighborhood offers the best solution to your specific tastes or desires.

Hotel Recommendations


From charming boutique hotels that boast the best location-cost ratios to luxury lofts & grand hotels that let you truly indulge.

Travel Itineraries


Need help getting from A to B? We'll help you decide whether you should travel by train, plane, car or bus with your budget & travel dates in mind.

Exclusive Tips

These are the city secrets we refuse to diffuse! Not even in exchange for a byline in the international press or a free add in a popular guidebook.



“Our lifelong dream to see Rome was made absolutely amazing thanks to Tess! With only two days in the city she was able to show us all of the sites we wanted to see.”




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At Clam Tours, we put a great deal of time & effort into creating a unique experience, customized to fit your travel desires.  These personalized plans, including tickets & reservations, are secured well in advance of your arrival. For this reason, should you decide to cancel your tour, any deposit that has been paid is non-refundable. Please contact us if you have any further questions.  Thank you.

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