We are Renaissance Women immersed in Italian life & contemporary culture. Our guides are trained Classicists, Art Historians & Artists who'll give a woman’s unique perspective on the world’s most influential patriarchy. We're young, fun, smart & passionate conversationalists who'll help you discover Rome, Naples & Florence as fascinating friends full of stories to tell en-route or over Aperol Spritz! 

The Philosopher Artist

Sezgi graduated from Galatasaray University in 2005 with a degree in Philosophy. She is a watercolorist who does installations and mixed media performances. Her most recent shows were at RISD and Temple University in Rome, and Streets of Art festival.


The Classicist Singer

Tess received a BA in Classical Civilization with Honors from Wesleyan University in 2007. She has published culture articles in The Guardian, sings with Italian orchestras, for movie soundtracks, and writes her own music.


The Ex-Model Graphic

Claudia is a graphic designer and muralist from Rome whose unique style has turned everyone from tattoo artists to Patti Smith into fans. Don't miss her series Rockstars and Just Like a Woman! 





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