"Tell me ye stones and give me O glorious palaces answer. Speak O ye streets but one word. Genius, art thou alive?"

- Goethe, Erotica Romana

Sublime nature & classic harmony combine - the real Grand Tour is yours for the taking! Unspoiled by mass tourism, the countryside surrounding Rome boasts some of the most astonishing architectural gems & romantic landscapes of Ancient & Renaissance Italy; the very places that inspired artists & intellectuals from Lord Byron to Hawthorne to Cole.

"Hearing our travel tales & seeing pictures from our adventures, friends often ask us for recommendations for quick getaways in the countryside around Rome. That's why we decided to bring you with us for a weekend away to give you the true local experience that we enjoy when traveling in our native Italy. We do the driving, planning, booking & guiding in undiscovered villages, secret hot springs, abandoned castles, frescoed country villas & the best farm-to-table restaurants that we discovered while Giovanni worked as the right hand man to the President of Lazio."

- Tess Amodeo-Vickery

Director, Clam Tours


  • First-time travelers in Italy who are looking to optimize their time & dime

  • Veteran Italophiles who are tired of touristy Tuscany but love picturesque towns


  • Travelers with Rome as a home base who want to explore outside the city

  • People who hate feeling like tourists & missing out on secrets kept for locals

  • Adventurous types who love nature & outdoor activities

  • Curious connoisseurs of culture interested in stimulating conversation on all subjects

Restaurant Bookings


From farm-to-table to Michelin-starred, we do extensive research in our vast network to bring you to the rarest spots in the Region Lazio.

Car Rental


We'll make rental car arrangements for you & put Giovanni as a second driver so that you can take the wheel or sit back & enjoy the scenery!

Choose Your Own Adventure


Based on your interests, we'll bring you to rare sites & activities that you'll wax nostalgic about with friends over wine for years to come!

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At Clam Tours, we put a great deal of time & effort into creating a unique experience, customized to fit your travel desires.  These personalized plans, including tickets & reservations, are secured well in advance of your arrival. For this reason, should you decide to cancel your tour, any deposit that has been paid is non-refundable. Please contact us if you have any further questions.  Thank you.

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